Mar 2, 2015

my 2015 birthday gift

2015  oh boy what a year !! 
I shall not forget the January of this year 

WHY ??

My Sun (son) was born in the first week of January.

The very first week of this year my life has changed for ever.
The moment i was driving my wife to hospital something from within was talking to me "So ARE You READY ? " 
My wife and me waited for 9 months for this day.
We had our ups and downs for last 9 months . 
i felt like the 9 months are not just for the baby to grow but to prepare both of us for future of happiness , responsibility, duty, sacrifice , adjustment ,co-operation and the list goes on ....and on ....

Today my son is about 2 months old and i see that my life has 
sleepless nights , a smile to relieve
anxious faces,  burst of laughter
a small bundle of joy, to burden of love
a sudden call for maturity , to a childish playfulness
every day is a new day and not the same day as before

I just pray, hope and try to nurture my son in a way where his good positive qualities are brought about and his natural abilities are kindled so that he becomes a good person and stand to his integrity in trial situations and moreover become a humble instrument in Lord Caitanyas (God) movement.

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